About Alliance
About Alliance


MEMBERSHIPS: All players and NPCs must pay a membership, which is used to offset insurance fees.

There are three kinds of memberships:

New Player: A brand new player to the Headquarters game can purchase a three month trial membership for $10. This is not renewable.

Event: An existing player (PC or NPC) can buy a membership for one event only for $10.

Renewal: An existing player can buy a year's membership for $30. If you plan on attending at least three events per season (as a PC or NPC), this is the best one to get. Since we have at least six or seven events a season, you'll save quite a bit of money.

WEEKEND EVENT: If you are paying for more than one person or if the name of the PayPal account is not the same as the person who is registering, please note that in the "notes" section of the PayPal form to make sure everyone is accounted for. You can also check the "Headquarters" section of the Bulletin Board where we list who has pre-registered. If you do not inform us otherwise, we will assume that you are pre-registering for the next scheduled event. (For the calendar, click the link to the left!)

PRIVATE ROOMS: The Faire Play site has three small private rooms that have electricity and are insulated. They can hold up to four people comfortably. These rooms are $40 extra per weekend and can be reserved on a first paid first served basis. Be sure to check on the Alliance Ashbury Bulletin Board before trying to reserve these rooms in case they have already been reserved. To reserve a room, use the "donate" button and leave a note stating that the donation is for one of these rooms. You must have already reserved to play for the event before you can reserve a room.

BOOKS: If you wish for us to set aside books for you to pick up at the event, you can pay for them here. If you would rather have them mailed to you or want to download the e-book versions, go here.

DONATE: We will give you 3 goblin stamps for every dollar donated. Please note that Faire Play, Inc. is a for-profit corporation, and your donations are not tax deductable. We do promise, however, to use all donations for improving the Faire Play site.

DEADLINES: The deadline for pre-registering is midnight on the Sunday before the event. If you sign up after that time, your registration may not be acknowledged and you will have to pay at the door and pay the door price. Once the event is over and we see your payment, we will of course either refund that extra money or give you credit for a future event.

If you would prefer not to use PayPal, checks and money orders can be mailed to Faire Play, PO Box 377, Tannersville, PA 18372.

  3 month trial membership OR one event membership: $10
  12 month membership renewal: $30
  Weekend event: $60
  Kid's Event: $25
  Set aside a copy of "Arch Enemies" for me: $19
  Set aside a copy of "The Axes of Evil" for me: $15
  Set aside a copy of "A Bard's Eye View" for me: $15
  Set aside a copy of "A Bard in the Hand" for me: $15
  Donate for goblin stamps

Once you have paid, click here to register your character. You may also want to send an email if you need to inform us of any special issues which cannot be addressed in a PayPal form (such as if you are paying for multiple people.)