About Alliance
About Alliance


NEW PLAYERS: Before filling out these forms, you should first make sure you have joined by paying your membership and getting a legal release. After you have joined, click here to create a new character.

RETURNING PLAYERS: These are the forms for sending your spell requests and the like to logistics. To actually pre-register by paying, click here. If you last played your character at another Alliance chapter, email that campaign first and have them send your most up-to-date character card to

TRANSFERRING PLAYERS: If your character's home campaign is not "Ashbury" be sure to email your home campaign and have them send a copy of your most up-to-date character card to If you have never played in the Ashbury campaign before, you will first need to pay your membership and get a legal release.

Spells / Production / Build / etc: Please Email all Pre-Reg Spells, Production, Build Speditures, etc. to Our online forms will return soon, they are currently being upgraded. Thank you!