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About Alliance


All weapon construction is viewed with the idea of safety foremost. Note however that even the safest weapon could cause injury if improperly used. Therefore, in addition to weapon construction, practice in the use of the weapon is needed to allow optimal enjoyment for all players.

Weapon construction does take some practice, and it is highly likely that your first few attempts will be rejected by the marshals at check-in. Although we endeavor to have weapons available for loan or sale, we cannot guarantee that any will be available.

Materials needed for creating a safe one handed weapon:

  1. 3/4 inch PVC pipe (white in color) or anodized aluminum pipe (for two handed weapons only!)
  2. 5/8 inch thick pipe insulating foam (light green in color)
  3. Open cell foam
  4. Grey duct tape
  5. Electrical tape
  6. Hacksaw
  7. Scissors
  8. Razor blade
  9. Ruler or yardstick
1. Using the hacksaw, cut the PVC pipe into the desired weapon length.

2. Using the scissors, cut the pipe foam into the desired blade length.

3. With duct tape, cover the ends of the PVC pipe so that there are no open ends.

4. Slide the pipe foam over the PVC pipe so that one inch of foam hangs over one end of the PVC pipe.

5. Measure a section of pipe foam for the crossguard. Cut a hole in the middle of the crossguard and slide it onto the end of the PVC pipe. Secure the crossguard to the blade using two strips of duct tape.

6. Stuff the ends of the crossguard with open cell foam to strengthen the crossguard. Close off the ends of the crossguard with duct tape.

7. Cut off one inch from the pipe foam and cut it into two equal halves.

Compress one of the halves and stuff it into the end of the blade end. Using the duct tape, cover the blade end.

8. Cut three inches to be used as the butt end (the “Waylay tip”). Place the butt end over the end of the weapon so that the foam hangs one inch over PVC Pipe. As with the blade tip, place a half circle compressed into the end of the butt end and cover it with duct tape. Secure the butt end to the PVC pipe with duct tape.

9. Cut a three inch thick section of open cell foam to cover the thickness of the pipe foam. Secure the open cell foam to the pipe foam with a few layers of duct tape (but not too many layers, as the tip will become too stiff and unpassable).

10. Repeat this process for the butt end.

11. Poke a few holes into the tips to allow air to flow more freely.

12. Place the duct tape lengthwise to cover the blade, butt end and crossguard.

13. Wrap electrical tape in a spiral around the hand grip.

Your weapon is now complete! Check it for safety. (Is it too stiff? Too whippy? Is the pipe protruding? etc.)